Because once you’ve walked in the door—physical or virtual—you’re part of the clan.

You might say it all started when Erin wanted to wear a skirt over her pants. She was five.

“In 1973, people didn’t do that,” says her mom and business partner, Sharon. “In North Dakota in the 50s and 60s, there were still dress codes at colleges and offices—if women wore pants for warmth, we changed once we arrived somewhere. So, when this little girl was standing there with her hands on her hips, I didn’t think we were having a fashion conversation.”

Those days are over. Now everything is a fashion conversation.

And since 2015, the creative duo behind Doc & Alice has captured a personal sense of South Dakota’s Black Hills—in the form of hand-selected clothing and accessories—and created an experience that lures even those who didn’t imagine they cared about fashion. I should know; I’m one of them.


The Shopping Experience

“We have clothes for all bodies and many tastes,” Sharon says. “We probably won’t have what ‘everyone else has,’ or what sales reps have told us is ‘selling great everywhere.’ Our clients don’t want us for that. Plus, people are not all shaped like runway models, and we have equally fun clothing for everyone.”

If you’re an experienced fashionista, then staff will leave you to your own devices—but if you need help building an outfit (not to be confused with a pick-up truck, also called an “outfit” in South Dakota), they’ll assist. They’ll start from the leggings up—“no bagging, no sagging—don’t you hate that?” Erin asks—or the tank top down. Or they can build an ensemble around a certain necklace. Wherever you’d like to start.

And nothing’s precious. Erin has been known to yank and stretch, to step back and say, “nope,” and take it away. Sharon is tireless in seeing possibilities—and honest about how things fit.